About Us

A History Of Continuous Growth

Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. was founded in 1907 and has become a well-respected producer of loading and conveyance systems for underground mining.  Our company is also a leading manufacturer of general and abrasion-resistant castings to satisfy industrial and OEM requirements. Wabi’s head office and factory is located in New Liskeard, Ontario. Our on-site fabrication facility, foundry and machine shop gives us control over the entire manufacturing process and enables us to produce equipment and products of the highest quality.

Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. is named after the last Algonquin Chief to camp near our site. Chief Wabi was recognized for his strength and honesty. These same attributes are reflected to this day in Wabi’s commitment to production excellence and integrity of service. Following is an outline of the company’s history:


1907 – 1920Development of products supplied to one of the most prolific mining camps (Silver Cobalt Camp).

1920 – 1940Supplied equipment to the large gold finds of Northern Ontario and Northern Quebec and began shipping worldwide.

1940 – 1945Major contributor to the Department of Defense involved in the war efforts supplying naval components for the Canadian Corvette Fleet.

1945 – 1960Contributed to the Uranium camps of Ontario and Saskatchewan and piloted the manufacture of trackless mining equipment.

1960 – 2000Assisted in challenges presented by modern mining through the development of large capacity equipment, materials and hard wear rapid loading systems.

2000 – 2014 Piloted solutions to both deep mining and extremely high volume haulage systems for a variety of materials ranging from base metals to potash.

2014 – 2017 Developed the Lock-N-Load hydraulic mine cage chairing and emergency safety catch system. Developed an advanced lightweight fully bolted skip design.


Health & SafetyEmployee safety is Wabi’s top priority. Our Health and Safety Program establishes specific procedures, policies and safe operating practices to ensure that our workers are protected each and every day. Providing a “zero harm” workplace is a responsibility that we take very seriously.


Caring For The EnvironmentWabi is committed to the protection of human health and the natural environment through a balanced approach to sustainable manufacturing. In addition to complying with legislative requirements, we diligently apply technically-proven and economically feasible measures throughout the company.


Community InvolvementWabi Iron & Steel Corp. gives back to the local community through a wide range of charitable programs and organizations that provide support in the areas of mental health, education, arts and culture, and civic/community initiatives.