Bearings in Mine Cages, Skips, and Cars—Understanding Superior Quality

Modern mining projects are becoming more advanced each year. As the mining industry experiences increased innovation, the role of onsite machinery and equipment becomes even more vital in achieving better efficiency and productivity. Selecting the right equipment has always been an important factor in the success of any mining project.

Bearings in Mine Cages, Skips, and Cars—Understanding Superior Quality

Innovation in Rolling Bearings

A wide range of mining equipment incorporates rolling bearings—mine cages, cars, skips and many others. Rolling bearings play an important role in the industry as the safe and efficient transport of people and mined ore heavily depend upon them. Great strides in rolling bearing design, sealing, heat treatment and lubrication have been made in their manufacture, resulting in a more durable and more reliable end product.

Criteria for the Selection of Rolling Bearings

ISO 281:2007 Rolling Bearings – Dynamic Load Rating and Rating Life defines the Dynamic load rating (C) for a bearing based on type, size and internal macro geometry. The ISO standard takes into consideration the conditions of operating speed (n), applied load (P), and type of bearing. It also accounts for the conditions of lubrication (κ) and cleanliness (ηc) to calculate the L10mh rating life


The L10mh rating life, as such, considers the two most common causes of rolling bearing failure in mining: poor lubrication and poor cleanliness. These two factors account for approximately 50 percent of all rolling bearing malfunctions. Therefore, it’s important to use the L10mh method when selecting and replacing these bearing types.

Quality and rating life—the best criteria for rolling bearing selection

When it comes to selecting the right rolling bearings for mining equipment, quality and rating life should always be the leading criteria. Other important considerations include the lubrication and contamination conditions as well as internal clearance and cage types for particular operating requirements.

Unfortunately, many bearings are chosen based on dynamic load rating and low cost. This selection process often falls short in terms of acquiring the most energy-efficient, reliable and innovative roller bearing technologies.

Some Recent Roller Bearing Innovations

Improved heat treatment processes are helping to increase service life and performance of some bearing types that operate in conditions where contamination and poor lubrication are more prevalent. As well, factory- sealed spherical roller bearing units are now available that have been proven to extend Mean Time Between Failure by 200-300%.

Better equipment

Mining equipment sold by trusted and ISO-certified manufacturers such as Wabi Iron & Steel Corp employ only the highest quality bearings and materials for their products. Contact them if you are in need of a safe, efficient and dependable mining cage, skip or underground rail car for your operation.



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