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Well-designed Mine Rail Cars Help Improve Safety in Underground Mines

Mining began in Canada 200 years ago but only became a full-grown industry in the last half century as the government began to fully support mineral exploration. Since then, the mining industry has created employment for thousands of Canadians and contributes a huge portion to the country’s annual gross domestic product and international trade.
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Mine Rail Cars Improve Hauling Efficiency in Mines

Mining is key to Canada’s rapid development in the last century. Today, one in every ten Canadian jobs are linked to mining and its products, with the industry also contributing billions of dollars to Canadian Gross Domestic Product and taxes every year. Thanks to continuous advances in mining methods, this contribution is increasing.
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Modern Mine Cages Improve Industry Safety and Efficiency

The mining industry is often criticized for its impact on workers’ safety. While this may be the case in many parts of the world, it’s a different story in Canada. This country’s mining industry has had a positive effect on the economy and on society. Besides giving jobs to over 360,000 workers, the industry has been instrumental in opening up many remote Canadian regions. It also contributes approximately five percent to the country’s annual Gross Domestic Product. Today, as mining continues to evolve in Canada, so do workplace standards that improve both the safety of employees and the efficiency of underground operations.
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Mine Skips Safely and Efficiently Transport Ore from Underground Mines

Mining is tough work, and it requires careful and decisive logistics to move a great number of personnel, materials, and equipment to properly facilitate operations. The Mining Weekly website published a feature on how mine skips made from aluminum can be indispensable to operations. The article outlined why aluminum is the best choice, and even highlights how the skips are vital for mining: Read more