Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. Supplies Mine Rail Cars for Goldcorp Mine

New Liskeard, Ontario (April 23, 2015) — Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. is proud to announce that it has produced mine rail cars for the Goldcorp Campbell Mine, an underground gold operation in Balmertown, Ontario. Wabi’s 5-ton mild steel rail cars completed with 16-inch cast wheels and link arrangements were specifically customized for Goldcorp’s narrow-vein gold mine which uses light rail track systems. As an added service, Wabi’s engineering team also reverse-engineered the mine’s existing Granby-style rail car.

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Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. Provides Wear Resistant Castings to OEM Firms

New Liskeard, Ontario (April 22, 2015) – Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. supplies high-chrome abrasion-resistant iron pump parts like casings, suction elbows, suction liners, impellers, and suction covers for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) Yeomans Chicago Corporation and Pentair Pump Group. The quality wear resistant castings are crafted at Wabi’s Foundry Division that specialises in services like electrical discharge machining as well as static and dynamic balancing. Read more

Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. Develops Hinged Mine Skips for Mine in Peru

New Liskeard, Ontario (February 23, 2015) – Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. developed a unique hinged concept for two new 18-ton capacity skips built for the El Porvenir Mine in Peru. A one-of-a-kind design found nowhere else in the world, the hinged mine skips were installed into the shaft compartment with only minimum adjustments to the hanging skip and made for easy alignment of the bail channels for equal wear distribution along all the mounted guide shoes. Read more

Ontario Wear Resistant Castings Manufacturer Builds Chute for Newmont USA

New Liskeard, Ontario (February 23, 2015) — Wabi Iron & Steel Corp., manufacturer of premium wear resistant castings and mining equipment, is pleased to announce that it has been recently awarded a loading chute project by Newmont USA Ltd. for the company’s Leeville Mine in Nevada. The chute, with a 5’ x 3’ throat opening, is equipped with a unique ore pass insert, isolating the entire installation from upward ground movements. Wabi manufactured the chute to ensure protection against high-stress abrasions and impact forces. Read more

Ontario Foundry Wabi Iron & Steel’s MET500 Alloy Extends Wear Life by 500% to 2000%

The MET500 liner material developed by Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. is an excellent choice for loading chute floor and ore pass footwall applications. The ability to achieve through-hardness in thick liner sections (greater than 4 inches) provides not only long wear life (20+ million tons) in difficult-to-access locations, but also permits an accurate estimate of wear-life due to the “linear wear characteristic” created by the through-hardened condition from wear resistant castings. High impact resistance coupled with good sliding abrasion wear resistance make the material a good choice for the protection of ore handling machinery in and around the mine shaft, as it has proven to increase wear life by 500% to 2000%. Read more

Wabi builds 15-Ton Capacity Ladles for Vale Sudbury

High-quality heat and wear resistant castings enhances equipment efficiency, improves its service lifespan, and results in more efficient production. With these goals in mind, Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. recently produced two 15-ton ladles for Vale Canada’s operations in Sudbury, Ontario. The ladles will be used to transfer molten metal (nickel matte) from a refining furnace to an ingot casting machine or mold. Read more