On Certified Mine Rail Cars and Detailed Safety Plans in Mine Sites

Mine sites are inherently dangerous work locations with multiple risks. Due to these dangers, each worker is subject to extensive safety training, and mine operators need to ensure that they implement only the best safety tools, protocols, and practices. All of these contribute to a safer workplace for mine employees, whether they are performing underground or surface tasks.


A step in the right direction

Goldcorp, a gold production company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, aims to improve the work conditions to world class status in its new Éléonore Mine in the James Bay region of northern Québec. Through the initiative of the location’s general manager, Guy Belleau, Goldcorp’s first step toward this goal was to build a 70-kilometre all-weather road that links the site to a Hydro-Quebec road that ends at a dam on the Opinaca Reservoir.

The company also added a power line that borders the recently constructed road. Add to that, special training programs have been made available onsite to allow employees to transition to complex mining jobs quickly and seamlessly. According Belleau, their goal is to fully mechanize the mine’s operation, making safety their utmost priority. “Nobody will lift anything,” he said.

Enhancing mine site safety

New mining technologies have certainly contributed to the reduction of injury and fatality rates in the mining industry. ISO 9001 certified mine rail cars, powerful radio communication devices that work deep underground, and remote-controlled equipment are just some of the most notable examples. Apart from having the latest and safest technologies, mining operators also need to implement a successful health and safety program that includes the following:

  • A well-detailed Health and Safety Strategy
  • A skilled and updated team of health and safety professionals
  • Mandatory training for all personnel who work on the site.
  • Penalty regulations for those who fail to follow safety procedures.

Professional support is a must

It’s a good idea to consult an independent mining safety professional to have safety measures evaluated. For your mining equipment needs, established suppliers like Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. can provide exceptional equipment manufactured to the most stringent quality and safety standards, from reliable underground rail cars and loading systems to high-durability skips and cages.

(Source: Goldcorp goes all out to make its new mine a great place to work, Canadian Mining Journal, Oct. 01, 2014)

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