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Factors Affecting the Efficient Operation of Mining Cars in Underground Operations

Mining operations greatly rely on machinery and conveyances. The right equipment has to be in place so that extracting and transporting of ore can be accomplished as efficiently as possible. Mining cars are one type of underground conveyance equipment that greatly influences the activities at a mine site. They make it possible to move ore towards hoisting areas for transport to the surface. Mine cars also serve as a transport for tools, equipment, and even workers.


Compromising the transport system in a mine will affect the productivity and success of numerous mining activities. Sufficient budgets for regular maintenance and updating of mine cars, for example, have to be allocated to ensure that they remain in good operating condition each and every day. There are a number of considerations to be made when a mine is implementing a conveyance system.

Rail or Trackless System

The track or rail system has been in use for many years in the mining industry. While its technology has much improved, its fundamental concept is still being applied. Despite the increasing popularity of the trackless system, however, the rail system remains a safe and efficient option. Either alternative can support an underground operation and satisfy the unique conditions of a specific site.

Conveyance Speed

The rate at which mine cars contribute to the delivery of ore to the surface greatly influences the productivity of the mining operation. For optimal conveyance, a number of factors need to be addressed. These include allowing for sufficient average speeds, minimizing transport cycle stops and delays, and employing efficient loading and unloading methods.

Railway Preparation

The gradients of a railroad influence how well ore cars will operate as steeper grades will slow a mine car’s speed. When a railway is being built, proper surveying and leveling, good ballast and water drainage, and the skilled laying of track will all contribute to a rail system’s ability to effectively move high volumes of ore.

All of these these factors affect how productive a mine rail system will be. As well, it is crucial to incorporate the highest quality mine cars in order to reduce maintenance, repair, and replacement cost. To accomplish this, trust an equipment manufacturer that has proven experience in building underground rail cars.


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