Wear Solutions

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Industrial machines and equipment constantly require replacement parts to allow manufacturing and production processes to continue with minimal downtime in order to ensure maximum profitablity. Many of these components, such as mining wear parts, must be resistant to heat, friction and mechanical stress to maintain optimum performance. These are the types of components that Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. produces. We also have the capability to formulate and cast replacement parts using custom alloys.

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Wabi’s Ontario foundry designs and develops wear solutions for equipment and machinery. Our engineers have a wide range of experience in custom manufacturing to satisfy many OEM and industrial requirements. We can design and produce a wear, impact, chemical or heat resistant casting to fulfill a broad range of specialized functions.

Wabi produces castings ranging in weight from 50 to 8,000 lbs, and works with over a hundred different alloys including alloy steel, chrome iron, grey iron, Ni-hard, steel, and stainless steel. Since we control the entire manufacturing process the superior quality of our products remains consistent. Our integrated manufacturing facility in New Liskeard, Ontario includes a pattern shop, a sand moulding shop, a foundry with four induction furnaces, a heat treatment plant with seven furnaces and a fully-equipped machine shop.

Wabi Iron and Steel can develop a custom Wear Program designed for a variety of specific industry needs from pump parts to mining wear parts. Monitoring is accomplished using Ultrasonic testing equipment and reporting can recommend various options to better predict wear and avoid downtime issues. As a wear solutions specialist, we work closely with our customers to ensure complete satisfaction. Wabi produces long lasting, abrasive resistant products that meet or exceed current applications for aggregate, mining, tunneling and mill processing industries. Our investment in advanced manufacturing technologies and fabrication processes enhances production efficiencies which results in improved quality and reduced product costs.

Our engineering department’s expertise in metallurgy and chemistry enables them to tackle the development of wear components for almost any industrial requirement. With our own advanced laboratory, we can evaluate and determine which alloys will provide the best viable wear solutions for maximum performance and the most efficient cost of operation.


Depend on the engineering, metallurgy and manufacturing experience of Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. to develop custom cast solutions that will meet the strictest of industry demands. To find out more about how we can satisfy your wear part requirements contact our Foundry Division at (705) 647-4383 or send us an email at sales@wabicorp.com.