Indonesia a Prime Market for Wear Resistant Castings with Smelter Boom

With many large mineral deposits located off of its more densely populated islands, Indonesia is a fantastic source of raw ore for metals production. Recently, however, a government decision to ban the export of raw ore has left metals producers that rely on Indonesia’s ore exports in a tight bind.

Nickel Smelters

While there was some protest over the country’s decision to ban ore exports, some companies have decided instead to take a more proactive approach to the problem. Some metals producers have taken on the challenge to decide that, if they can’t get the ore to their processing plants, then they’ll take the processing plants to the ore.

As a result of this development, Indonesia is now poised to become a major refined metals producer, as the Taipei Times reported back in May 2014. It writes:

Indonesia forecasts that nine nickel-processing plants may be completed this year after the prohibition of raw ore exports in January, spurring a rally in refined prices to the highest level since 2012.

The plants comprise two ferronickel and seven nickel-pig-iron smelters, according to data from the Indonesian Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry. One chemical-grade alumina plant is also scheduled to be completed this year, the data showed.

The large-scale development of industrial smelters on the mineral-rich archipelago has put Indonesia in the spotlight for more than just metals producers wanting to take advantage of the country’s rich ore deposits. With smelters being built in quick succession on the islands, wear resistant castings manufacturers are keeping an eye on the archipelago as well.

Due to the incredible amount of maintenance required to keep smelters producing at peak capacity, manufacturers of heat resistant casting solutions are positioning themselves to support Indonesia’s young smelting industry. Given what’s at stake, being able to offer durable, long-lasting, high-performance wear parts for industrial smelters is the name of the game.

Wabi Iron & Steel Corp., for example, utilizes advanced manufacturing technologies and fabrication processes to enhance its production efficiencies, allowing it to produce high quality wear parts. With a smelting industry as young as Indonesia’s, durable and dependable wear solutions from proven manufacturers will be highly desirable in order for them to stay competitive in an already well-established and competitive market.

(Source: Nickel smelters surge in Indonesia after ore export ban, Taipei Times, May 13, 2014)

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