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Inspect Mine Shaft Cages to Comply with Health and Safety Legislation

Mining regulations stipulate that new mine cages have to meet the updated elevator standards under the Occupational Health and Safety Act that is geared towards keeping mine workers as safe as possible. Mining companies and employers need to source top quality, dependable conveyance elevators that are durable enough to withstand the harshest conditions, yet keep the safety of workers ensured as a top priority.

It’s possible to arrange for conveyance inspection at mines to be conducted by experts in the field of cage design who can inspect for worker safety issues as well as operational load needs. Ultimately, a mine shaft performs dual operations within the mining industry – conveying workers down into the mine and up to the surface, and hauling materials between locations. If the mine cage or material conveyance equipment are at the point where an overhaul might be warranted, the first step is to have an inspection performed. Professionals who have knowledge in design and manufacture can ensure that equipment meets all Health and Safety requirements. This will be vital to worker safety during transportation and will ensure that the mine will meet its productivity requirements.

Some mine shaft cage manufacturers like Wabi Iron & Steel Corp will design and build custom cages to suit the specialized requirements of a particular mining operation. For example, adding emergency braking capabilities to shafts using steel shaft guides is a recent development which can help to stop falls within vertical mine shafts.

When it comes to opening up new mines, an ideal option to choose is a cage/skip combination which enables quick and easy transportation of waste materials while the mine is being developed and can then be used to move products and transport workers between the surface and underground. The McGarry Gold Mine development by Armistice Resources in Virginiatown, Ontario, Canada is an example of a new mine where double skipping of waste and ore has been possible.

Health and safety regulations relating to cages and transport of materials and workers is an important aspect of mining safety and should never be neglected. When mines have been operating for several decades it is critically important to inspect all cage and transportation equipment to maintain a safe and productive work environment.


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