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Lock‐N­‐Load® Cage Chairing System


Improving safety and productivity when loading and unloading mine cages

Lock-­N­‐Load® overcomes the challenges associated with rope stretch by holding a mine cage firmly in place during loading and unloading.

This is achieved through the use of advanced technology lightweight hydraulic clamps with very rapid clamping times.

Proportional control valves provide for a controlled clamp release on system deactivation as the conveyance takes up the resultant rope stretch.

The system is battery powered and consequently requires no external power source.

Lock-­N-­Load® is interlocked with the hoist controls in order to prevent inadvertent activation or release.

Cage with Clamps

Lock-­N-­Load Clamp

Underground station control panel

ECAT Emergency Conveyance Arresting Technology

Safely arrests a cage after rope severance or slack rope condition (Safety Catch)

Using proven technology, the ECAT system has been designed to operate as simply as
possible while providing an effective measure of protection in arresting the fall of a cage after rope severance.

Deceleration rates provided are tolerable to the human body and comply to Ontario OHSA regulations. The system has been comprehensively tested.

Rope severance is detected by a limit switch located in the drawbar. This triggers activation of the ECAT and allows hydraulic pressure to be released from the accumulators to the hydraulic clamps.

Built-­in redundancy includes:

  • Two times clamp capacity safety factor
  • Two independent hydraulic circuits
  • Two (primary and secondary) safety catch activation switches

A single combined chairing and Safety Catch system provides significant weight saving.

Download the Lock-­N-­Load® info sheet.

Cage with Clamps

Lock-­N-­Load Clamp