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Mine Cages

Mining Products

Click the links below for an overview of the mining equipment that Wabi designs and manufactures. For more detailed information on our complete range of products or for custom design work, please contact our Mine Equipment Division sales team.

Wabi’s custom mine equipment design and manufacturing services allow us to provide our customers with high-quality, dependable conveyance systems and equipment that meet all mining requirements, can endure the harshest of environments and are built to withstand the toughest working conditions.

If a mining cage is required for your underground operation, Wabi Iron & Steel’s Mine Equipment Division can provide a wide range of styles, material and design options including:

  • Single and multiple deck styles in two or four-guide compartment configurations
  • Compartment configurations manufactured in steel or aluminum
  • Approved safety catch mechanisms that can be supplied for drum winder or friction hoist applications
  • Sliding and folding, guillotine and roll up entrance door designs available

Our mine man cages can be produced to suit a variety of requirements:

  • Aluminum and/or steel construction as required
  • Safety dogs as required for use on wood guides
  • Sizes ranging from a two-man service cage to a 174-man double deck cage
  • Various Inspection Hood design configurations
  • Various door configurations are available including sliding and folding, vertical lift and roll-up

Numerous shaft guidance configurations for improved safety can be provided including:

  • Wabi spring-loaded guide rollers (recommended for high hoisting speeds)
  • Pneumatic or polyurethane wheels
  • Serrated plate guide roller adjustment
  • Eccentric axle guide roller adjustment

Our engineers will visit a mine site to ensure that the mine shaft cage to be designed and manufactured will satisfy any unique operational and load requirements. We can also reconfigure existing cages to accommodate any changes to operating requirements that may occur. A certificate of load capacity stamped by a professional engineer accompanies all mineshaft conveyances manufactured by Wabi.

Conveyance Inspection Service

Ensuring safety is a top priority, especially when it comes to transporting workers and hoisting materials from one location to another, is extremely vital. Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. offers a Conveyance Inspection Service to our clients to help guarantee that their mine personnel cages and skips comply with the safety guidelines set by governing bodies such as the CCOHS and OSHA. The benefits of our inspection service include extended equipment life, lower operating costs and, most importantly, peace of mind.

Superior Quality and Dependability

Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. takes pride in its ability to provide effective and comprehensive solutions that address all customer requirements. For enquiries about our cages and other haulage solutions as well as our design and engineering services, call our Ontario office at (705) 647-4383 or send us an email at sales@wabicorp.com.