Mine Rail Cars and More: Better Safety in Underground Mining Industry

Modern mines have rigorous safety procedures. Mines in Canada, in particular, are veritable havens when it comes to safe work conditions compared to those in China, Africa and South America—places notorious for their blatant disregard for miner safety. Despite the high standards, though, Canada’s mining industry still faces some safety issues that must be addressed on a constant basis.


Mining Health, Safety, and Prevention Review

Ontario recently concluded a year-long mining health and safety review led by the province’s Chief Prevention Officer, George Gritziotis. The review’s results, which involved input from an advisory group comprised of mining, labour, health, and safety representatives, were released in Sudbury on April 15, 2015, and detailed several recommendations on how to make the underground mining sector safer overall. These include:

  • Record-keeping of notable seismic events and incidents of ground instability
  • Implementation of a management plan that addresses the causes and hazards of occupational illness
  • Implementation of water management program for all underground employers
  • Implementation of traffic management plan in underground mines
  • Creation of emergency response plans for new mines, surface mines, exploration sites, and mining plants
  • Mandatory risk assessments taken every three years.

Bigger risks

Mining deep underground involves a higher safety risk than open pits, due primarily to ventilation problems and the potential for collapse. However, there are safety issues associated in other areas of mining as well, such as the use of rugged underground rail cars that miners use in their operations. Aside from being easy to operate, these modes of transport must also comply with the standards set by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Quality mining transport equipment suppliers

As custom manufacturers of mine rail cars, established equipment companies like Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. are dedicated to developing mine haulage, transport, and maintenance vehicles that meet the spatial constraints and demanding conditions that are faced underground.

Firms like Wabi place safety concerns at the core of their manufacturing processes, collaborating with customers to build new vehicles that meet the mining industry’s stringent demands. Such professionals are committed to designing and manufacturing underground mining skips, cages, loading systems, rail, haulage systems, dumping systems, and other equipment that improve safety and efficiency.


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