Modern Mine Cages Improve Industry Safety and Efficiency

The mining industry is often criticized for its impact on workers’ safety. While this may be the case in many parts of the world, it’s a different story in Canada. This country’s mining industry has had a positive effect on the economy and on society. Besides giving jobs to over 360,000 workers, the industry has been instrumental in opening up many remote Canadian regions. It also contributes approximately five percent to the country’s annual Gross Domestic Product. Today, as mining continues to evolve in Canada, so do workplace standards that improve both the safety of employees and the efficiency of underground operations.

Mining Trades

As safety has improved in underground operations, so has the influx of women choosing mining careers in what was once a male dominated environment. In fact just this year, according to an article for, two talented tradeswomen from the mining industry, Dani Drewek and Sarah Hunter, were included in the list of 2014 Influential Women of North Ontario.

Twenty-two years old and a native of Thunder Bay, Dani Drewek is a cage tender at Goldcorp’s Red Lake Mine in northwestern Ontario. She faces the same challenges as her fellow miners do each day when they go to work. However, Dani and workers in mines across the country travel underground in modern, reliable mine cages that are a testament to the level of workplace safety that dominates the equipment and conveyance systems operating in Canada today.

Contributing to the technological advances in the mining industry are companies like Wabi Iron & Steel Corp, which continue to provide state-of-the-art underground equipment such as mine man cages designed to increase productivity and to provide for the safe transport of workers.

Mining companies that look to improve the efficiency of their processes, as well as maintain the safety and health of their workers, should consider working with established suppliers like Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. The mining equipment manufactured by companies like this are quality-built for effective, efficient operations and to ensure the highest standard of worker safety.

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