Need for Custom-Made Mining Cars and Other Equipment in the Industry

The mining business is a vast industry that it is divided into five segments: metal ore mining, non-metal mineral mining, coal mining, supporting activities, and gas and oil extracting. The requirements can differ greatly within each segment which emphasizes the need for custom-made equipment. For example, precious metal mining cars need to operate in different environments versus those used for mining nickel ore. Choosing equipment that would be compatible to a certain application and specific tasks can be a challenge especially when each mine is different. Fortunately, through modern technology and advances in engineering, custom-made mining cars and other equipment can be crafted to fit each mine’s needs.

Need for Custom-Made Mining Cars and Other Equipment in the Industry


Using the right materials for building mining cars is important to ensure efficient rail haulage workflow in a mine. If a mining car is not constructed properly to carry required loads, it could slow down the entire operation. Quality mine ore cars, for example, should be built using only materials that have been tried and tested in the industry. Aluminum is the metal of choice for any underground mine rail car, whether it’s going to be used to carry loads out of the mine or used to transport personnel. As well, for added strength, fusion welding should be utilized during construction.


The size of a mine car can be determined by the type of load it will carry, its capacity, and the physical conditions of the mine. Take the height of a mine drift, for example; if the seams are low, taller mine cars will not be able to be utilized. In this case, wider-bodied mine cars that offer more length and width than height are better suited for the conditions. For drifts that don’t limit the height of cars to be used, the type of load and capacity are often considered when determining size. Often, if the mine uses mechanical loading equipment, cars with the largest capacity will be put into service to speed up the process and to reduce car changeover.

Customizing mining equipment is essential to increase efficiency and to ensure the safety of the workers. Depend on trusted manufacturers like Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. to produce custom mine conveyance equipment that has been proven to perform to the highest of quality standards.



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