New Projects

For over 100 years Wabi has been on the forefront of developing new technology. The following are some of our most recent projects:

Design and supply, for a mine in Mexico, a new cage with our Lock-N-Load hydraulic chairing system installed. Making use of lightweight hydraulic clamps, Lock-N-Load holds the cage steady during load transfer and also functions as a safety catch (safety dog) in the event of a rope severance. Deceleration rates provided comply to Ontario OHSA regulations.


The completion of five large underground surge storage bins for a Potash mine in Saskatchewan. The project was completed on time and within budget. These bins are each capable of storing 1,500 metric tons of ore and are around 45 feet tall. We have now begun manufacturing a sixth bin, which has just been ordered.

Wabi is completing the manufacture of a number of lightweight aluminum skips with a newly developed safety catch technology for a mine in South America. The system has been specifically designed to operate inrope guided shafts and provides a safe deceleration for the conveyance in the event of rope severance.

In line with our ongoing commitment to support sustainable energy sources, we have been pleased to supply a large number of heat resistant stainless grates to be installed in the combustion chambers of a biomass incinerator in Ontario. This is our second production run for this particular product.

We are a proud supplier to a number of different pump manufacturers and continue to assist with the development of a variety of new pump parts as required by their developing technology.

Our recent supply of a substantial number of mill liner inserts within a period of 7 weeks illustrates Wabi’s ability to produce quality castings even when short lead times are a requirement.