New Projects

For over 100 years Wabi has been on the forefront of developing new technology. The following are some of our most recent projects:

Wabi has been selected as a strategic partner by an iconic Canadian steel maker to supply a variety of key components for its Blast Furnace and Coke Ovens. Wabi was chosen because of its specialized expertise in producing steel making components, combined with its engineering and fabricating capabilities. We are extremely proud of our contribution to the continued success of an important sector of Canada’s manufacturing industry.

Wabi is manufacturing 14 replacement sluice valves (lock valves) to be utilized in the rehabilitation of the Trent-Severn Waterway. We are working through a major design-build contractor that was awarded one of the bundles of work in Ottawa’s$3-billion rehabilitation of the 386 km long network of locks, bridges and dams under Parks Canada control. The originals were supplied by a foundry in the UK about a hundred years ago. The project involves both the casting capabilities of our Foundry Division to shape the shell structure of the valve body, and our Mine Equipment / Fabrication Section to make the valve spool structures.


Wabi is helping to double gold production at the Tahoe Canada’s Bell Creek mine northeast of Timmins. We are supplying the mechanical structure for an $80-million project to deepen the Bell Creek shaft from 300 metres to about 1,080 metres. Wabi is fabricating a comprehensive package which includes the shaft steel, guides, skips, cage, loading system and sheave wheels for the project. A shaft communication system with a slack rope monitoring system is included as part of the equipment package.

Photos: Shaft Steel en-route to mine site


We are a proud supplier to a number of different pump manufacturers and continue to assist with the development of a variety of new pump parts as required by their developing technology.

At Agnico Eagle’s Goldex Mine in Val-d’Or, Wabi designed equipment (bail deck & ballast car) to assist with testing synthetic hoist ropes by the Canadian Mining Industry Research Organization. As mines dig deeper, lighter and more flexible synthetic hoist ropes may eventually replace heavy steel wire ropes for mine hoisting. One of the facets studied at Goldex was the ability of hoist ropes to withstand cyclic loading.

Photo: Bail Deck and Ballast Car

Deep below Sudbury, in the Vale Creighton nickel mine, Wabi helped SNOLAB, the underground physics and neutrino laboratory, to redesign a rail-based instrument carrier. The neutrino laboratory is transporting very expensive pieces of equipment, but has to live with moving this equipment along the same tracks as production haulage for the nickel mine. SNOLAB enlisted Wabi for its expertise, knowledge and engineering capabilities to design bogies that are ultra lightweight, strong and will track well.

Photo: Flat Deck Mine Car

We continue to supply a substantial number of mill liner inserts to a key partner OEM. Our normal lead time of less than 7 weeks illustrates Wabi’s ability to produce quality castings even when short lead times are a requirement.



We have completed the design and manufacture of two aluminum skip/cages for a mine in Peru. These aluminum skips have been supplied as a replacement for the mines current steel skips and will make a healthy contribution to productivity. The weight saved by using aluminum has led to a significant increase in the skip payload.

Design and supply, for a mine in Mexico, a new cage with our Lock-N-Load hydraulic chairing system installed. Making use of lightweight hydraulic clamps, Lock-N-Load holds the cage steady during load transfer and also functions as a safety catch (safety dog) in the event of a rope severance. Deceleration rates provided comply to Ontario OHSA regulations.

The completion of six large underground surge storage bins for a Potash mine in Saskatchewan. The project was completed on time and within budget. These bins are each capable of storing 1,500 metric tons of ore and are around 45 feet tall.


Wabi has supplied a number of lightweight aluminum skips with a newly developed safety catch technology for a mine in South America. The system has been specifically designed to operate in rope guided shafts and provides a safe deceleration for the conveyance in the event of rope severance.

In line with our ongoing commitment to support sustainable energy sources, we have been pleased to supply a large number of heat resistant stainless grates to be installed in the combustion chambers of biomass incinerators. We have had a number of production runs for this particular product