New Underground Gold Mines Call for Quality Mine Skips to Meet Productivity Demands

According to a report from, a well-known Canadian mining company has received special permission from the Irish government to expand their gold mining operations underground. This bodes well for both the mining company and the Irish government as the mine’s production crawled to a halt in 2013. The mine in Omagh, Ireland is the only gold mine in the country.

New Underground Gold Mines Call for Quality Mine Skips to Meet Productivity Demands

Many people still think of the abandoned, crumbling cave-style mines from old Western movies and cartoons whenever mining becomes the topic of conversation. Although such operations were common in the past, underground mines now make use of long vertical shafts to enable ore extraction at greater depths.

Due to the increasing depths of mines, as well as the weight of gold ore, those looking to expand gold mining operations should invest in world-class mine haulage systems to ensure the safe and efficient transport of their cargo. Some of the features that can be determined before the fabrication of custom skips include:


The material selected to manufacture mine skips is an important decision. Aside from a material’s implication on total cost, the material used to build a skip can also determine its durability. For example, aluminum skips are a popular choice for mineral mining operations due to the material’s superior resistance to corrosion compared to other materials. Additionally, as aluminum is about one-third the mass of steel, mining experts claim that they can increase payload per haul by roughly 15 percent.


Numerous styles of mine skips are available. To suit individual requirements, mining operations can select from bottom-dump, front-dump (types 1 and 2), kimberly, and arc gate skips depending on mine configuration, size of shaft and expected output.

Fortunately for the mining industry, there are many well respected equipment manufacturers like Wabi Iron & Steel Corp that can custom design and manufacture mining skips to meet the specific needs of each particular mining operation.


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