Ontario Foundry Wabi Iron & Steel’s MET500 Alloy Extends Wear Life by 500% to 2000%

The MET500 liner material developed by Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. is an excellent choice for loading chute floor and ore pass footwall applications. The ability to achieve through-hardness in thick liner sections (greater than 4 inches) provides not only long wear life (20+ million tons) in difficult-to-access locations, but also permits an accurate estimate of wear-life due to the “linear wear characteristic” created by the through-hardened condition from wear resistant castings. High impact resistance coupled with good sliding abrasion wear resistance make the material a good choice for the protection of ore handling machinery in and around the mine shaft, as it has proven to increase wear life by 500% to 2000%.

MET500’s “linear wear characteristics” allow for better wear-life estimates since material loss is consistent as the wear surface erodes. Linear wear characteristics are created in materials that are highly influenced by heat treatment temperatures and react both chemically and physically to the temperature input during heat treatment. In contrast with this, materials with “exponential wear characteristics” display variable material loss rates as the wear surface erodes due to a gradational softening trend of the material from its surface to its core thickness. With these materials, only surface hardness is present after heat treatment.

The MET500 alloy was developed in Wabi Iron & Steel Corp.’s Ontario foundry, located in New Liskeard, over a period of approximately 10 years through several different installations. The most successful applications were those of liner plates where the material was exposed to both impact and sliding abrasion.

Customers such as Vale Canada, Glencore, Newcrest Mining, Phelps-Dodge and numerous precious metals producers utilize MET500 for wear protection in difficult-to-access locations that are exposed to high material flow volumes. Typical installations include chute rock boxes, ore pass footwall protection, mine car and truck dump stations, and large diameter rail wheels.

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