Ontario Wear Resistant Castings Manufacturer Builds Chute for Newmont USA

New Liskeard, Ontario (February 23, 2015) — Wabi Iron & Steel Corp., manufacturer of premium wear resistant castings and mining equipment, is pleased to announce that it has been recently awarded a loading chute project by Newmont USA Ltd. for the company’s Leeville Mine in Nevada. The chute, with a 5’ x 3’ throat opening, is equipped with a unique ore pass insert, isolating the entire installation from upward ground movements. Wabi manufactured the chute to ensure protection against high-stress abrasions and impact forces.

Since the chute is used as a main transfer point between the ore pass and a 40-ton capacity haulage truck, its lining system is designed to endure sliding abrasion that comes with high muck stream flow rates. Rapid material loss may occur as a result of sliding abrasion when exposed under high loads, and particularly when the liner plate’s hardness is diminished below the plate’s surface. With the softer core material being exposed, gouges that form in the liner plate caused by sharp contact may result in preferential wear patterns being etched on the surrounding surface.

To reduce the risk of accelerated wear patterns in the chute and provide long-term uniform wear conditions, thorough-hardened abrasion and wear resistant materials such as MET500 were integrated into the chute system. With uniform wear conditions, it will be easier for Leeville Mine to predict equipment up-time as well as accurately improve the scheduling of routine maintenance and repair.

Since its inception in 1921, Newmont has become one of the world’s leading gold producers. With about 30,000 employees and contractors, it carries out mining operations in the United States and abroad. The company sets high standards for its contractor selection to ensure safe and efficient mining. Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. is proud to have been selected to provide he new loading chute for Newmont’s Leeville Mine.

For more information about Wabi’s high-grade equipment, expert engineers, and superior service capabilities, visit www.WabiCorp.com.

About Wabi Iron & Steel Corp.

Wabi has been serving the mining industry since 1907. It has gained a reputation for the manufacture of high-reliability heat resistant casting products as well as wear resistant components, all of which conform to industrial and OEM standards. To monitor the manufacturing process and ensure the best possible quality, its main office is on-site to allow management to oversee day-to-day production operations.

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