Quality Mine Cages and Other Equipment Support Mine Safety

Mines are dangerous environments—that’s why safety is a huge concern in the mining industry. When mining accidents result in injuries or fatalities, the issue of safe work conditions becomes extremely significant. So how does a mining company enhance safety throughout all of its functions? The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) aims to supply some answers.

Mine Cars

During the IPAF Summit last March 26th in Washington, D.C., more than 250 people, consisting of movers and shakers in the heavy equipment industry, witnessed how modern technology can be harnessed to improve safety conditions in heavy equipment-reliant industries, like mining. During the event, JLG Industries, Inc. President and keynote speaker Frank Nerenhausen demonstrated how wearables, remote operation, and augmented reality could be harnessed in a powerful safety system. One situation cited was the use of smart vests that communicate with aerial work platforms (AWPs) to warn operators that harness lanyards are not connected. Another was the use of sensor-equipped smart machines that could detect and avoid collision.

Nerenhausen, however, pointed out that smart technologies should never undermine the importance of training and educating the workers. He emphasized that training should always take a prominent position in the larger scheme of things, even as the industry advances. Quality equipment should likewise be a priority to ensure utmost safety in your operations.

Better Equipment, Better Safety

No safety program will be enough to mitigate risks associated with poorly designed mining equipment. Incorporating quality mining equipment, from mine cages to mining cars, goes a long way in reducing accidents in the mining workplace. If you plan to use the technology of the future in your mining operations, you stand to enhance their effectiveness if you have proven mining equipment in place.

Quality Mining Equipment in Canada

Leading manufacturers, such as Wabi Iron & Steel Corp., produce the most trusted equipment in the mining industry. From mine shaft cages to rail cars, Wabi designs and manufactures loading and conveyance systems that meet the strictest of quality and safety standards.

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