Quality Mine Skips Increase Mining Productivity and Reduce Risks

Mining is one of Canada’s richest sources of income and employment. Over 380,000 people benefit from this industry. Mining has long fueled the economy by providing the building blocks of industrialization, which in turn has created more businesses and job opportunities.

Quality Mine Skips Increase Mining Productivity and Reduce Risks

Dangers in the Mine

Miners face various kinds of risk every time they venture deep into the earth. Accidents due to human, mechanical or natural causes sometime happen. An underground rock fall, for instance, can delay operations and entail lengthy and costly repairs. Equipment malfunction or inefficiency can also have negative effects on production. These situations not only put miner safety at risk but they also curtail a mine’s overall productivity which, in turn, impacts profitability.

The Role of Mine Skips

Thanks to advancements in mining technology, issues surrounding miner safety and productivity can be more adequately addressed. One of the key components in mining, which has a direct relation to miner safety and mining productivity, is the mine haulage system. This is how the ore that has been extracted from the earth is transported and loaded into a skip to be conveyed to the surface. When designed and manufactured to the highest of industry standards, malfunctions or breakdowns during the extraction and conveyance process, which can lead to workplace injury and production downtime, can be prevented.

The Manufacturer of Choice

Mining companies must be diligent when selecting manufacturers to build their underground conveyance equipment. Three factors should be considered during the selection process: engineering expertise, manufacturing facilities and casting capabilities.

Companies like Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. are leaders in the manufacturing of safe and efficient mine skips and haulage systems.  As well as skips, they build a wide range of mining equipment including cages, loading systems, dump systems, rail cars and related components.  Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. also operates a foundry that produces heat- and wear-resistant castings. This enables the company to manufacture many of the actual parts required for the conveyance equipment that they manufacture.

Wabi’s manufacturing facilities and foundry are ISO 9001 certified. This provides customers with the assurance that the equipment they require for their mining operations will be built to the highest of quality standards.


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