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The Role of Mine Cages in a Successful Mining Operation

Underground mining requires a number of different transportation systems. To effectively move miners and their equipment, for example, a dependable mine shaft cage is necessary. A mine’s success relies on the efficient operation of this component. If a serious problem occurs with the cage, conveyance activities must be suspended to ensure the safety of the miners and, when that happens, production is impeded.


Improved Productivity

A well built and properly maintained mine cage can also help to improve worker productivity. Workers feel more comfortable in their underground environment knowing that they have a readily available and trustworthy means of transport to take them back to the surface when necessary. As well, a dependable mine cage can effectively transport the equipment required to keep a mine operating at optimal production levels.

Customizing Mine Cages

Thanks to the advancements in metallurgy and mining technology, customizing mine cages to meet transportation needs for specific mining conditions is now quite common. Some of the options available when a cage is being manufactured include aluminum or steel construction, safety mechanisms for friction or drum winder hoists, a selection of shaft guidance configurations, various entrance door designs, single or double deck styles, and a wide range of capacity sizes.

Mine Cage Operation

Whether a mine shaft cage is transporting equipment or people, it has to adhere to certain safety standards. The load capacity of the cage is an extremely important factor and, for safety purposes, this is always tested and confirmed before a cage is placed into service. Capacity signage has to be displayed at visible corners of the cage and a stable gate and walling are required to keep occupants safe while moving. All safety mechanisms must be thoroughly inspected before installation and use. By relying on experienced mine equipment manufacturers to provide quality cages, mining operations can help to ensure worker safety and maintain productivity.


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