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Tips on Mining Wear Parts and Heavy Machinery

The mining process is tough on the production equipment used in today’s modern mines. The stress, heat and corrosion that components such as crusher linings, cutting heads and buckets are subject to can take its toll on even the most durable mining wear parts. Given the hazardous conditions under which miners work, it is imperative that every piece of mining equipment functions safely, efficiently and smoothly under the harshest of conditions.

First Impressions are Important

Most common pitfalls encountered when buying equipment whether new or used can be avoided. The appearance and design of the unit will provide useful insight into how effectively it will operate. A close inspection of all components should be undertaken, such as checks of steel castings wear points, in consideration of a specific mine’s operating conditions. In Ontario, there are a wide variety of options and opportunities for purchasing both new and used equipment.

Test the Equipment

When possible, mobile equipment should be tested. This is most essential for secondhand machinery. For efficient running, the engine needs to be in top condition. Excessive or discoloured exhaust could be an indication of engine trouble. Another important element to check for is oil leaks that could drastically affect engines, transmissions and hydraulics. As well, much of the modern machinery available today has computer logs that can be analyzed to evaluate the past performance of used equipment.

Do the Research

Detailed research is important to verify if equipment to be purchased is appropriate for the needs of a specific mining operation. It will also help confirm if the capital cost and operating costs of a piece of equipment are reasonable and will ensure that safety and productivity standards can be met.

Prior to purchasing, check to make sure that the seller is a reputable company. Purchasing from trusted manufacturers like Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. will go a long way to ensure that equipment is of the highest quality.


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