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Today’s Mines have Plenty of Options when it comes to Mining Cars

Mining is a vital industrial activity that has been taking place for many years in North America and around the world. Life without mining would simply be impossible because many of the items that people use in their everyday lives are manufactured using the raw materials that come out of the earth. As well, mining is a major economic driver in most of the countries where mine operations are located. The benefits that mining has provided to society have cemented its significance. As mining has grown, so has the supply-side of the industry. This means that mining companies have a greater choice when it comes to obtaining equipment such as quality mining cars.

Selection of Rail Cars for Mining

An underground rail car is one of the main equipment types utilized to transport material within a mine. Besides the efficient movement of ore from one part of a mine to the other, some mine cars are also designed to transport personnel.

There is a wide range of mining cars available to the marketplace today. They can be built to carry various sizes of payload, provide side-dumping or bottom-dumping capabilities, run on different track gauges or be fitted with a number of different wheel sizes. A variety of frame designs, suspension types and coupler features are also available. Some of the more common mine car styles that are being used in modern underground mines include Zimmerman, flat deck, low boy and Granby. Mining companies can take into consideration all of these different options and then get cars manufactured to match their individual needs.

Reputable manufacturers like Wabi Iron & Steel Corp can provide mine cars that differ in terms of styles and features. This helps to ensure that underground operations get the right mine car to suit their specific work requirements.