True as Steel: A Guide to Assessing the Quality of Steel Castings

Steel plays a major role in everyday life in North America and around the world. After all, steel comprises 75 percent of all major home appliances and 63 percent of the average car. Even those who mine the materials used to create steel require steel parts for their mining equipment.

True as Steel A Guide to Assessing the Quality of Steel Castings

Steel components used to build parts for mining equipment need to meet the highest of standards. The quality of steel castings in Ontario directly impact the safety, durability and efficiency of the mining equipment where they are installed.

In most cases, a metallurgical test is necessary to get an accurate assessment of steel alloy’s quality. While metallurgical tests are not undertaken by those who normally buy steel parts, there are other ways to be confident of quality when purchasing. In particular, search out a manufacturer of mining equipment and foundry castings, like Wabi Iron & Steel Corp, that can guarantee the steel products they produce feature the following properties:

Minute or Non-existent Amount of Inclusions

Inclusions are metallic contaminants that have mixed with molten steel during pouring. Typically, inclusions are metal oxides, sulfides, carbides, nitrates or calcites. It is best to have fewer or less severe inclusions as possible as these can present numerous problems such as the development of pinholes and susceptibility to wear and tear.

Heat and Abrasion Resistance

Mining conditions can get hot in a hurry due to the high frictions that equipment can be subjected to. Make sure that steel castings have been treated to withstand the temperatures and the wear that they are expected to experience.

Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion is a common problem in metal components. It can easily lead to machinery failure and even worker injury. Fortunately, many steel alloys are treated to resist rust and other forms of corrosion therefore extending the working life of parts.

When considering a steel foundry to provide equipment parts, select one that can supply castings featuring the above properties in order to ensure operating longevity, reliability and safety.



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