Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. Develops Hinged Mine Skips for Mine in Peru

New Liskeard, Ontario (February 23, 2015) – Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. developed a unique hinged concept for two new 18-ton capacity skips built for the El Porvenir Mine in Peru. A one-of-a-kind design found nowhere else in the world, the hinged mine skips were installed into the shaft compartment with only minimum adjustments to the hanging skip and made for easy alignment of the bail channels for equal wear distribution along all the mounted guide shoes.

The El Porvenir Mine is considered to be Peru’s deepest underground mine and is located 321 km from Lima. Owned by Compania Minera Milpo, the 1,250-metre-deep mine produces lead and copper concentrates along with gold and silver content as well as zinc. Due to the mine’s extremely tight peripheral conditions around the shaft collar, Compania Minera Milpo determined that a sequential vertical installation was not an option. They then contracted Wabi Iron & Steel Corp., and relied on them to develop the hinged concept to facilitate one-piece skip installation.

Traditional shaft installation calls for a segmented conveyance design where the equipment is broken into several horizontal splices which are then re-assembled sequentially in a vertical position. This technique proves very difficult from both movement and bail alignment perspectives usually resulting in misaligned bail channels that display uneven guide shoe wear. Under extreme situations, this misaligned condition results in guide shoes needing replacement every couple of days creating a significant maintenance problem. Using the hinged concept, one-piece installation is easily achieved with only minor adjustments required to the hanging skip to achieve optimum bail alignment.
Additionally, installation time for these longer conveyances was also greatly reduced since there was no need for auxiliary hoisting winches or shaft bulkheads to support conveyance sections not attached to the hoist rope. This results in significantly improved installation and, when required, removal processes.

To learn more about Wabi’s products and services, visit www.WabiCorp.com.

About Wabi Iron & Steel Corp.

The company is a leading manufacturer of loading and conveyance systems for the mining industry. Founded in 1907, the firm has become well-known for producing a wide variety of high-reliability products like abrasion-resistant iron and steel castings, ore skips, and other mining equipment for customers in Canada, the United States, Mexico, and South America.

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