Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. Supplies Mine Rail Cars for Goldcorp Mine

New Liskeard, Ontario (April 23, 2015) — Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. is proud to announce that it has produced mine rail cars for the Goldcorp Campbell Mine, an underground gold operation in Balmertown, Ontario. Wabi’s 5-ton mild steel rail cars completed with 16-inch cast wheels and link arrangements were specifically customized for Goldcorp’s narrow-vein gold mine which uses light rail track systems. As an added service, Wabi’s engineering team also reverse-engineered the mine’s existing Granby-style rail car.

There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing mine ore cars. These includes the radius of the curves, the type of dumping method, the physical condition of the ore, the location where the car is to be used, and the wheel castings. Granby cars are used in underground mining operations where extraction requires high volume at low cost. Designed for smaller gauge curvatures with side wheels that aid side dumping, these are built for high-speed transport of non-sticky ores within slope-type dumping sites.

In reverse engineering, Wabi produced an associated drawing for the casting of the Campbell Mine’s Granby car. The process involved determining the dimensions, material, and production operations required for the casting. The drawing provided the manufacturer with the information needed to create the casting and the standard at which its quality will be measured. Thus, Campbell Mine gained ownership of the casting design and can now access its supply directly from any qualified manufacturer.

Aside from offering custom engineering modification services to its mining industry clients, Wabi also has a diverse range of rail-mounted haulage equipment for all types of underground mining and tunneling applications. From personnel carriers to different types of cars for haulage and material handling, the company can custom engineer components according to each client’s specific requirements.

For more information about Wabi’s products and casting customization, visit www.WabiCorp.com.

About Wabi Iron and Steel Corp

The company has been aiding the growth of the mining industry since 1907. It has grown to become a leading manufacturer of loading and conveyance systems as well as general and abrasion-resistant castings for iron and steel, designed to conform to industrial and OEM standards. To effectively monitor its manufacturing operations and ensure superior workmanship, Wabi has established its fabrication facility, machine shop, and foundry together with its head office in New Liskeard, Ontario. The firm serves clients in Canada, the US, Mexico, and South America.

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