Wear Parts Made from Steel Castings and Other Mining Wear Solutions

The equipment used by miners in Ontario are subject to constant friction, tension and compression, which means wear and tear on exposed parts. Continuous use of production equipment regardless of the condition of worn parts can have a huge impact on productivity. Besides failing to extract sufficient amounts of ore, they may eventually break down, resulting in costly downtime.

steel castings

Mining companies use different techniques to keep their equipment and machines in top condition amidst the pressure they are exposed to throughout each operation. Some of these are the same practices that help prolong the life of more common equipment such as automobiles.


Wear and tear is produced not just by equipment’s contact with ore and rock but also by the friction between its component parts. During operation, components slide against each other causing friction. Without sufficient lubrication, the surfaces of these parts will abrade, producing metal debris that will remain in between moving parts. Proper lubrication prevents debris from causing further damage by transporting them to the drain pan.

Proper Maintenance

It’s not just friction that damages machine parts. Other forces, such as vibration, erosion, fatigue and heat are also at work. Every time equipment is deployed to drill and transport ore from underneath the earth, wear and tear will be experienced. Regular inspection plus timely repair and maintenance are extremely important in order to prevent further damage.

Wear Solutions

Wear and tear occurs differently in various equipment parts. Those components that make direct contact with the ore and the ground often wear faster. This is where mining wear parts come into play. Wear parts are components that clad the main equipment parts for reinforcement and protection so that downtime can be reduced.

Once wear parts have deteriorated, they can easily be replaced. Prominent foundry manufacturers like Wabi Iron & Steel Corp can supply high-quality mining wear parts made from steel castings to satisfy most equipment requirements.


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