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Wear Resistant Castings, Underground Equipment and Mining Safety

Improving mining safety in Ontario is an ever-constant concern. Despite being one of the safest in the world, governing bodies still believe there’s still room for improvement. In order to truly improve safety, mine managers need to instill a safety culture that’s not only measurable, but also a core aspect of worker’s functions.

Wear Resistant Castings, Underground Equipment and Mining Safety

Recently, Ontario Chief Prevention Officer George Gritziolis authored a Mining, Health, Safety and Prevention review that aims to guarantee that “those who work in Ontario’s mines come home healthy and safe at the end of every shift, and to maintain a productive and innovative mining industry.” Gritziolis believes the report is workable and accurately identifies work improvements that can be implemented quickly.

Some of the expected changes identified in the review aim to address issues arising from the following: reporting mechanisms, ground control, occupational disease, worker fatigue, mobile equipment, and water management. The review also emphasizes the urgent need for mining inspectors to enhance their skills and keep up with increased pace of technology changes in the mining industry.

Better equipment ensures better safety

Mining safety is always a priority. Constant communication must be maintained so that each worker can clearly see how safety principles apply to their individual tasks. Implementing a culture of safety that emphasizes worker education including the proper use of equipment goes a long way.

With the Ontario mining industry’s growing demand for improved safety, manufacturers of wear resistant castings for underground equipment requirements must ensure that their products are built to the highest of quality standards. The parts produced by these manufacturers play an important role in providing miners with dependable and high-performance equipment that will keep them safe.

Mining equipment manufacturers and Ontario foundry specialists like Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. have product engineers who are experts in designing safe and reliable products. Some of these companies also have advanced on-site laboratories that help them create customized solutions for specific customer requirements. These firms can address most any abrasion, impact, and heat-resistant casting need for the manufacture of impactor parts, crusher parts, pump parts, chute liners, track pads, mine car wheels, and many other products.


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