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Foundry Division

Mining Products

Click the links below for an overview of the mining equipment that Wabi designs and manufactures. For more detailed information on our complete range of products or for custom design work, please contact our Mine Equipment Division sales team.

Wabi’s Foundry Division works on the cutting edge of alloy development and has created alloys with improved abrasion and impact resistance that significantly reduce overall costs for the customer. To satisfy the needs of a diverse range of industries including mining, pulp & paper, smelting and aggregates, we provide products such as:

  • heat, wear, corrosion and abrasion resistant castings
  • pump parts
  • crusher parts
  • chute liners
  • slurry parts
  • horizontal shaft impactor parts
  • ingot/bullion moulds and handling equipment

Wabi’s foundry can manufacture products in a wide variety of metals including:

  • Ni-Hard
  • Chrome iron
  • Steel
  • Alloy steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Grey iron

Engineering And Custom Design
Our full-service steel foundry in Ontario, Canada features four induction furnaces, seven heat treatment furnaces and an extensive machine shop. We provide complete on-site CAD design and pattern making facilities, no-bake sand moulding, quality controlled alloy composition, precision casting and fine finishing. As well, shipping services and export documentation are provided. These on-site capabilities enable us to maintain total control over the entire manufacturing process. Together with our skilled staff, this ensures that project production runs efficiently and that the end product meets the highest of quality standards.

With an expert engineering and design staff, Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. provides custom metallurgy and manufacturing solutions for industrial and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requirements. We can reverse engineer a customer’s existing cast parts to provide them with the necessary specifications and drawings to subsequently access the production of these parts from qualified castings manufacturers. The needs of OEM clients are met through the application of more than 100 metal alloys specified to satisfy custom requirements. Wabi manufactures high-chrome, abrasion-resistant pump parts including suction liners, casings, suction covers, impellers and suction elbows for OEMs serving industrial power, sewage treatment, mining and energy industries.

All engineering and manufacturing processes at Wabi’s foundry are registered under ISO 9001:2008.

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