A History of Continuous Innovation

Wabi Iron & Steel is a global leader in the development and manufacture of loading and conveyance systems for the mining industry, as well as a premier producer of general and abrasion-resistant castings in iron and steel. Our integrated Mine Equipment and Foundry Divisions enable us to be a convenient one-stop-shop for a variety of manufacturing solutions, ensuring client peace of mind through our trademark workmanship, deadline-driven approach and unwavering attention to detail. Our products are shipped to clients in Canada and the United States as well as Mexico and South America.

1907 - 1920
Developed an innovative line of products to support one of the most prolific mining camps in Canada.
1920 - 1940
Supplied equipment to large gold mining operations in Northern Ontario and Northern Quebec; with our reputation growing, we began shipping our products worldwide.
1940 - 1945
A major contributor to the Department of Defense in support of the war efforts supplying naval components for the Canadian Corvette Fleet.
1945 - 1960
Produced specialized equipment for uranium camps in Ontario and Saskatchewan and piloted the manufacture of trackless mining equipment.
1960 - 2000
Played a leading role globally in developing cutting-edge solutions for the ever-evolving challenges presented by modern mining; innovations during this era included the development of lightweight equipment and rapid loading systems.
1990 - 2000
Developed MET500, a proprietary cast steel product that offers very high impact resistance and excellent sliding abrasion characteristics. Designed to be used in liners and other high wear areas, MET500 has reduced material loss thereby increasing volume pass-through and reducing replacement and maintenance costs.
2000 - 2016
Piloted solutions to both deep mining and extremely high-volume haulage systems for a variety of materials ranging from base metals to potash.
2016 - 2023
Developed the patented Lock-N-Load® hydraulic mine cage chairing system; an advanced lightweight fully bolted skip design; and embraced automation technologies with a focus on safety for material handling systems.
The mining industry is once again on a major cusp: electrification and the reliance on critical materials; Wabi is ideally positioned to rise to the demand and partner with the industry to innovate better, safer ways to retrieve ores from the Earth’s crust.

Integrated Capabilities

Design & Engineering
Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing
Ferrous Casting Production
Machining Services
Heat-Treatment Services
Digital Scanning and Modelling

Passionate About Our People, Communities & Planet

We are committed to fostering a “zero harm” industry, both within our operations and in our clients’ workplaces.

We give back to the local community through a wide range of charitable programs and civic/community initiatives.

We are invested in protecting the natural environment through a balanced and innovative approach to sustainable manufacturing.

We Are Building a World-Class Company

We have a distinguished history of innovation and an unquenchable passion to build a stronger future together. While we’re a global leader in mine equipment and casting products, we humbly recognize that our people are the driving force behind our success.  

As a 100+ year-old, privately owned company, we treat our team members like family and promote a healthy work/life balance within our exceptionally family-friendly community of Temiskaming Shores.


Our Mission

To be the brand of choice by strengthening our customers’ sustainability, local economic stability, and supplier confidence.

Our Core Values

Reinvestment: We reinvest cash to get ahead of our competition, and stay ahead

Purpose: We work with purpose to create a brighter tomorrow and make things better

Honesty & Integrity: We are always honest with ourselves and each other

Team: We value loyalty to Wabi and each other

We are hard-working: But not at the expense of our families

We are results-oriented: We set goals and achieve them

We are entrepreneurial: We control costs, encourage creativity and calculated risk-taking, and accept that it’s OK to fail as long as we learn from our mistakes

We believe in having fun – at work