Innovation to the Core

For over a century, we have been North America’s preferred supplier of custom, proven and reliable underground material handling systems. We build mine skips, rail cars, mine personnel cages and other underground haulage equipment painstakingly designed to withstand the most demanding working conditions. Through our unrivalled combination of industrial manufacturing expertise, innovative engineering and outstanding technical support, we consistently exceed customer expectations with every product we produce.

Custom Design & Engineering
The challenges that the mining industry faces can vary significantly from one location to the next. Underground material handling and haulage systems typically require customized designs to meet the specific requirements of a particular mining operation. We specialize in custom-producing mining skips, cages and other conveyance systems to meet our customers’ unique needs for productivity, safety and reliability. Our engineers are equally adept at refurbishing earlier equipment designs to improve the performance and safety of existing mine haulage systems.

Our designs and manufacturing processes strictly comply with all industry-related quality certifications including ISO 9001, CWB (fusion welding of steel structures, fusion welding of aluminium, certified welding inspection) and APEO Certificate of Authorization.


We have invested heavily in automation technologies to ensure mining firms can keep pace with the ever-evolving demands placed on its crucial role in the supply chain. Our automation solutions involve the sequential linking of operations over a significant number of individual equipment pieces. Often, automation reduces the amount of human involvement required to accomplish a task. Automation is also an effective tool for maximizing efficiency and improving safety.

Our approach

  • Interlocking of functions – each operation can only proceed if specific communication protocols are satisfied.
  • Redundancy – important interlocks must be arranged so that all permissions have been properly scrutinized within the process.
  • Flexibility – adding and removing system functions should be done with ease while maintaining overall system integrity.
  • Reliability – maximizing the use of digital components versus hard-wired systems.
  • Simplicity – understanding system operation and capturing critical interlocks with the least number of steps.

Material handling system automation can play a dramatic role in how operations function in an underground mining environment.  

Remote Loading Chute Control Features

Skip Loading Station Control System

Lock-n-Load Cage Holding System


Our mine skips are built for the safe and efficient transportation of materials, custom engineered and fabricated to the unique environment. Produced with the highest quality materials, they can be manufactured in steel, stainless steel or aluminum, treated to resist corrosion, and equipped with our patented high-speed guide roller system.

Our skips traditionally meet and exceed industry standards for safety and reliability. We also offer a Conveyance Inspection Service to ensure that the shaft conveyance equipment operated by our customers is maintained in safe and efficient working order.

We design and manufacture many mine skip styles including:

  • Bottom-dump skips
  • Kimberly skips
  • Front-dump skips
  • Arc gate style skips

Contact us now and consult with our engineering team on the mine skip best suited to your operations.


No two mining operations are the same. And no two Wabi mine cage designs are the same. Our engineers will visit your mine site to ensure that the mine shaft cage we design and manufacture satisfies your unique operational and load requirements. One thing always remains the same: every mine cage features the highest quality materials, dependable systems and components, and is designed to endure the harshest working conditions.

We can also reconfigure existing cages to accommodate any changes to operating requirements that may occur. A certificate of load capacity stamped by a professional engineer accompanies all mine shaft conveyances we manufacture. We also offer Conveyance Inspection Service to guarantee that your mine personnel cage complies with all safety guidelines.

We design and manufacture many mine cage styles including:

  • Single and multiple deck compartment configurations
  • Two or four-guide configurations
  • Compartment configurations manufactured in steel or aluminum
  • Approved safety catch mechanisms that can be supplied for drum winder or friction hoist applications
  • Sliding and folding, guillotine and roll up entrance door designs
  • Bespoke capacities, for example a two-person service cage or 174 person double-deck cage
  • Various inspection hood design configurations
  • Pneumatic or polyurethane wheels
  • Serrated plate and eccentric guide roller axle adjustment

Contact us now and consult with our engineering team on the mine cage best suited to your operations.

Loading & Dumping Systems

We excel in enabling our clients to handle broken rock with maximum efficiency and minimum effort. Whether the application is run-of-mine muck, crushed rock or comminuted ore, our expertise in controlling muck streams is unparalleled.

We use tried and true rules of thumb for chute and control gate designs, and validate our non-conventional designs with Discrete Element Modelling (DEM). We employ our proprietary material, MET500, for wear linings in hard-to-access areas as it outwears traditional quenched and tempered wear plate materials by up to five times.

We design and manufacture many mine loading and dumping system styles including:

  • Skip loading stations
  • Skip dump chutes
  • Ore bin load-out chutes
  • Underground truck loading systems
  • Truck/ore car dump stations
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic dump systems
  • Camel back-style dump ramps for continuous Granby car dumping
  • Complete dump scroll designs for all major skip styles

Contact us now and consult with our engineering team on the loading and dumping system best suited to your operations.

Rail Haulage

We are among North America’s leading manufacturers of loading and conveyance systems for the mining industry. We offer complete customized solutions to ensure the efficient transportation of materials and personnel including custom-made mine cars and related hauling equipment. From the payload capacity and the dump style to the wheel size and track gauge, we can develop a mine car that matches your unique operating and productivity requirements.

We design and manufacture many underground mine rail car styles including:

  • Bottom dump
  • Granby
  • Side-Dump
  • Lift-Off
  • Flat Deck
  • Low-Boy
  • Zimmerman cars
  • Personnel carriers (4 to 25 person capacities, rigid or articulated frame, full suspension system)
For greater efficiency and safety, automation technologies can be integrated into whatever custom rail haulage system we develop. See the automation section above to learn more.

Contact us now and consult with our engineering team on the rail haulage system best suited to your operations.

Replacement Parts

Everything we manufacture is infused with our company’s “cradle to grave” philosophy. We have a robust and comprehensive quality management system that ensures everything we manufacture is produced to the highest standards, meets the strictest technical specifications and is in full compliance with the latest occupational standards.  

Our shaft conveyance and rolling stock product lines are identified by unique serial numbers that permit the end user to easily contact us and place an order for any component or part necessary to maintain the product. All replacement parts are manufactured on demand.

We also offer a customization service that enables our clients to order replacement parts that incorporate a design change that may improve the operating life of the equipment. These customized pieces are engineered to ensure seamless installation at the customer’s site and ensure that original equipment certification remains unaffected. All modifications made to serial-numbered equipment are documented and maintained in our engineering database.

We design and manufacture a variety of replacement parts including:

  • Guide roller wheels
  • Guide slippers
  • Safety arrest mechanism parts:
  1. Springs
  2. Drawbars
  3. Connecting pins
  4. Safety dogs
  • Access door parts:
  1. Rollers
  2. Latches
  3. Hinges
  4. Guide tracks/rails
  5. Torsion springs
  6. Door cable deflection sheaves
  7. Door panels
  8. Cane bolts
  • Wear linings
  • Safety latches (skips)
  • Dump rollers (skips)
  • Pivot shafts and support bracket hardware (skips)
  • Roof and deck hatch covers
  • Running gear (wheels / axles – mine cars)
  • Couplers / draft gear (mine cars)

Contact us now and consult with our engineering team on the specialized parts best suited to your operations.

Equipment for Gold Refineries

We offer a full line of ancillary equipment for gold mine and refining operations. Whether you require cascading bullion mould arrangements or single moulds, we offer both with capacities of 600, 800 and 1,000 ounces per mould. We provide both side-pour and end-pour mould designs, and mould lifters that allow for safe handling of hot moulds filled with molten gold.

For slag management, our cast slag-pot mould and robust handling cart permit more than one cubic foot of hot slag to be tapped and safely handled from the bullion furnace.

Once your gold bars are ready for shipment, our gold bullion shipping box provides a secure and robust container that allows the bar to be safely sealed inside. These boxes are made from aluminum and are available in 600, 800 and 1,000 ounce gold bars.

Contact us now and consult with our engineering team on the equipment best suited to your gold mining/refining operations.

Head Sheaves

Our head sheaves feature premium-quality fabricated steel construction and are manufactured with pitch diameters ranging from 48 inches (1220 mm) to 192 inches (4876 mm). All head sheaves are rated to hoist rope breaking strength and validated using Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and the moment of inertia for the sheave structure is minimized for load rating capacity.

We design and manufacture many head sheave designs including:

  • Single sheave or sheave-bank
  • One piece or split sheave
  • Replaceable rope groove linings available in steel or polyurethane
  • Pillow-block bearing units used to support sheave on pedestals
  • Complete pedestal design and manufacture available including adjustable sole plates

Contact us now and consult with our engineering team on the head sheave best suited to your operations.

Sheave Wheels

Our sheave wheels feature premium-quality fabricated steel construction for pitch diameters ranging from 36 inches (914 mm) to 72 inches (1829 mm) and are suitable for rope diameters of up to 2 inches (51 mm). Sheaves are provided with unlined rope grooves or replaceable rope groove linings and feature pillow block bearing units for sheave support; a custom support stool design is also available on request.

Contact us now and consult with our engineering team on the sheave wheel best suited to your operations.

Shaft Guidance
Guide Roller Suspension Bracket

Shaft guidance systems operate on rigid guide strings that require a systemic approach for maximum efficiency. This guidance system involves coupling the guide roller bracket design with guide wear shoe operating clearances. Active guide roller suspension and load absorption require adequate operating clearance between guide slippers and the shaft compartment guide string.

The design philosophy is that the guide roller bracket is allowed to deflect before the guide slipper contacts the guide string surface. This deflection before impact is critical to absorbing the energies imparted into the guidance system, ensuring smooth vertical travel for the shaft conveyance.

Contact us now and consult with our engineering team on the shaft guidance system best suited to your operations.

Rigid-Mount Guide Roller Bracket

Our rigid-mount guide roller system offers a novel approach to shaft conveyance guidance. The system enables a simpler mode of operation versus comparable systems for greater efficiency and travel stability when encountering misalignment conditions in the shaft compartment guide string.

With our proprietary design, the position of the rolling element is captured in a fixed position by the rigid bracket. When the rolling element is in contact with the guide string surface, energy absorption is accomplished through the rolling element only. The main advantages of a rigid-mount bracket design include simplicity of operation and lightweight construction.

Contact us now and consult with our engineering team on the roller brackets best suited to your operations.

Lock-N-Load® Cage Holding System

We live and breathe to innovate new efficiencies in mining operations. In working closely with our clients, we recognized the challenges posed by rope stretch when holding a mine cage firmly in place during loading and unloading.

Our solution is the proprietary Lock-N-Load cage holding system, an innovation achieved through the use of advanced technology with lightweight hydraulic clamps and very rapid clamping times. Proportional control valves ensure a controlled clamp release on system deactivation as the conveyance takes up the resultant rope stretch.

Contact us now and consult with our engineering team on the unrivalled benefits of our exclusive Lock-N-Load system.