Bring your ideas to life in metal. Our Foundry Division operates on a platform of continuous development, collaboration and innovation to introduce real-world, bespoke solutions for our clients. From alloy development and casting geometry design to prototyping, casting and finishing, our proven expertise has allowed our clients to hit the ground running on a wide variety of projects.

Within our labs on our foundry floor, we have successfully developed alloys that improve abrasion and impact resistance to significantly reduce overall costs for our clients. We can manufacture products in a wide variety of metals including grey iron, ductile iron, white iron (ni-hard, high chrome), carbon steel, low alloy steel, and both corrosion and heat resistant stainless steel. We are fully compliant with the latest standards for chemical and mechanical properties.

Custom Design & Engineering

Our full-service foundry features electric induction furnaces, heat treatment ovens, and an extensive machine shop. We provide complete on-site CAD design and pattern-making facilities, no-bake sand moulding, quality-controlled alloy composition, precision casting and fine finishing. These on-site capabilities enable us to maintain total control over the entire manufacturing process.

We also provide custom metallurgy and manufacturing solutions for industrial and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requirements. We can reverse engineer a customer’s existing cast parts to provide them with the necessary specifications and drawings to subsequently produce these parts from qualified castings manufacturers.

All engineering and manufacturing processes at our foundry are registered under ISO 9001:2015.

Wear Solutions

Our castings are produced to exacting quality to minimize wear and optimize durability, helping our clients’ operations continue with minimal disruption for maximum productivity and profit.

Our expertise in metallurgy and chemistry enables us to develop wear components for almost any industrial requirement. With our own advanced laboratory, we can evaluate and determine which alloys will provide the best wear solutions for maximum performance and the most efficient cost of operation. Castings range in weight from 50 to 8,000 lb. and we work with over one hundred different alloys including alloy steel, chrome iron, grey iron, ductile iron, Ni-hard, steel and stainless steel.

As your full equipment lifecycle partners, we can develop a custom wear program designed for your unique needs.

Contact us now and consult with our engineering team on the wear solutions best suited to your operations.

Pump Components

We manufacture a wide range of pump components for centrifugal pump designs, optimized to the exact specifications provided by our OEM customers. Typical components include volute housings, impellers, suction liners and diffusers. Our pump components are cast in a variety of cast metal grades including grey iron, white iron and stainless steels; all components are machined to exacting specifications and fully heat-treated in-house to ensure product longevity.

Contact us now and consult with our engineering team on the pump components best suited to your operations.


We manufacture custom and OEM lining systems for a wide variety of equipment, end-use applications and mills including SAG, ball and rod mills. Most notable are applications for equipment protection in the comminution of metalliferous ores such as SAG mill linings. Other applications involve crusher feed aprons, ore bin tipple dump stations, bin/hood linings, rock transfer chutes, feeder pans and more. Materials used vary from high-chrome irons to nickel-irons to steels. We offer full heat-treatment control of our wear materials to ensure through-hardened microstructures that offer the maximum toughness/hardness characteristics for the selected wear metals.

Contact us now and consult with our engineering team on the liners best suited to your operations.

Steel Making

Steel making is a challenging and demanding process, and we are proud to leverage our 100+ years of innovation towards this exciting and specialized discipline. Our team of engineers, material handlers, production supervisors and more are passionate about the final products we carefully concoct and craft, and we do everything within our power to produce products that last while anticipating future requirements.

Our range of steel-making solutions includes:

Coking components

  • Charging lids and frames
  • Coke battery doors and door jambs
  • Gas collection system
  • Pusher ram components
  • Quench car lining systems

Blast furnace components

  • Tuyere body and nozzle
  • Charging car
  • Hoisting sheaves for charging car hoist

Hot metal handling

  • Ladle hooks and crosshead bridle
  • Pig iron moulds for continuous caster
  • Guiding fixtures (cast) for continuous casting machines

Contact us now and consult with our engineering team on the steel making equipment best suited to your operations.